Media planning & buying is key.

Media isn’t all about saving dollars and cents. It’s about reaching consumers in a way that makes sense. Financially and emotionally. We’ll stretch your budget. But we’ll also make sure that the message doesn’t just get exposed. We’ll make sure the audience becomes engaged.

Value added. For bigger reach.

Your brand is no longer defined by what you say about yourself. It’s defined by the experiences of your customers and prospects. Value added promotions enhance those experiences. They add depth, color, energy and personality to your brand. And the way we do it, they also add thousands of dollars in media value.

An innovative approach. For better results. 

The media landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years (not to mention the last 10 minutes). We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the most current opportunities, but you won’t find us jumping on every bandwagon. We adopt new ideas cautiously. If we present you with an innovative approach, you can be sure it’s a winner.

Track your investment.

Our work isn’t over once your schedules are placed. We continue to monitor your in-flight messages to ensure quality delivery, holding our media partners 100% accountable for every one of your valuable messages. If warranted, we secure make-goods within the flight for equal or greater value. You’ll also receive a detailed post-buy analysis.

Use the industry’s best tools.

At Osceola Group Marketing, we invest in and utilize the most respected media research and management software in the industry. These in-house tools help our team plan, negotiate and buy media more effectively and efficiently for all our clients.