A better way to book acts.

What if you could avoid the hassle and the huge mark-ups of the major entertainment companies? Band together with other properties, for increased buying power? Get the acts you want, when you want them? Work directly with the nation’s top talent agents?

This is our vision for OGM Entertainment: You’re not a single casino anymore. You’re part of a powerful consortium. Bigger buying power, plus the expertise and connections we bring to the table.

Our connections. Your collective buying power.

We work with several major talent groups, who benefit from more exposure for their artists, and increased efficiency in areas like travel and promotions.

Let us show you how we can save you money.

  • Become a member of a powerful consortium
  • Save 30% or more compared to booking companies
  • Cut out the middleman and work directly with agents
  • Get added value (promotions, merchandise, beverage, hospitality)
  • Have access to virtually any act