Additional Creative Samples


Prairie Band Casino & Resort
“MORE WAYS TO PLAY–Amenities” :30


Prairie Band Casino & Resort
“MORE WAYS TO PLAY–Gaming” :30

Olathe Health – Brand
“Wings” :30

Olathe Health – The Birth Place
“The Birth Place” :30

Kansas City Royals
“Forever Royal” :30

Kansas City Royals
“Raised Royal Since” :30


7th Street Casino
“YouTube” :60

If you’re looking for radio that informs and entertains, this campaign is “Where it’s at.”

Elanco Animal Health
“No Fan Club” :60

This spot lets dairy farmers know that Elanco understands them, and supports them every step of the way.

Prairie Band Casino & Resort
“The Price is Right” :60

The whole point of The Price is Right is guessing the price of different items. Can you beat these characters? Here’s your chance to try.

Prairie Band Casino & Resort
“Tables” :30

In this MORE WAYS TO PLAY spot, one thing leads to another. And that leads to a whole lot of gaming thrills.

Kansas City Royals
“Players” :60

This ticket package allows fans to pick the games of their choice, but unfortunately not the players of their choice.


Prairie Band Casino & Resort

Pre-roll is a great way to promote upcoming live entertainers like WAR.

Olathe Health – Flu

How does it feel to get hit with the flu? Watch this and go get a flu shot at a neighborhood Olathe Health clinic.

Olathe Health – Cardiac Care

We’re changing perceptions of Olathe Health with :15 extensions of our brand TV campaign.

Olathe Health – Primary Care

The worst part about sick kids? Waiting to get an appointment. But not anymore.

4INFO – Unbelievable Reach

How do you convey a complex message?
With an elevator speech. In an elevator.

4INFO – Golden Results

This elevator speech offers a tantalizing surprise to one rider.