O.B. Osceola, Jr. CEO

Born and raised in Naples, Florida, O.B. Osceoloa, Jr., got his start after high school in 1986, when he began working with his father building Seminole chickees in Florida and the Caribbean. In 1989, he earned an associate degree in business and began his life as an entrepreneur.

In 2001, O.B. was appointed by the Seminole Tribe of Florida to the Tribal Council and Corporate Board as liaison to the Naples community. In his duties as liaison, O.B has supported the community in many ways, from education and housing to health, senior and family services.

2010 was a banner year for Osceola Group of Companies. O.B. formed Talako Construction, a Native American owned construction and development company specializing in government and commercial projects in Florida and around the country. As principal of Osceola Group Insurance, also formed in 2010, O.B. oversees and manages the acquisition and expansion of business underwriting services throughout North America in partnership with a major international insurance carrier. The company has management and agents licensed in all 50 states.

Perhaps a little bit more of an adrenaline rush for O.B., he partnered with Bob Germain, Jr., southwest Florida's largest and most successful auto dealers, to form a Nascar race team, becoming the first Native American team owner on the circuit.

O.B., also launched Osceola Group Spirits with the announcement of "Hard Rock Vodka" in the fall of 2011. He negotiated with Hard Rock international to license the brand and test market the spirit on its Seminole properties. O.B. is known for his adventurous, yet precision style business acumen.

Osceola Group Marketing is O.B.'s latest addition to the Group of Companies. Osceola Group Marketing is a full-service marketing communications agency that is headquartered in Kansas City, KS. O.B.'s focus is on maximizing his client's marketing dollar through a series of media research tools. Account representatives monitor and review each client's media activity on a daily basis, to ensure the clients are getting more than what they pay for. O.B. is constantly moving within the business communities inside and outside of Indian Country. O.B. has built a group of companies that live up to the warrior spirit and strength of his Seminole ancestors. O.B.'s battlefield is the boardroom.

Charles Tetrick, President

Charlie's keen business instincts sharpen every decision, from his everyday direction of the agency to his leadership on specific accounts. Charlie knows the key to successful marketing is firmly rooted in planning, research and strategy. That's why he approaches every marketing challenge multiple ways. With his background as an internal marketing director, he perceives each project from the client's point of view, with an understanding of how marketing integrates into (and is accountable to) the total corporate structure. He also looks at each project as a consumer, exploring the underlying psychology of what prompts people to react and respond to your message.

Whether he's with a client, prospect or employee, Charlie has just one thing on his mind: Make them happy. And he's pretty good at it. He's also good at multi-tasking. In addition to leading the agency, Charlie also finds time for the Board of Governors of the KC Council of the AAAAs, the Heart of America Council of the Boy Scouts and the Board of Directors of the American Royal.

Tina Marie Osceola, Vice President

Tina Marie Osceola is an enrolled member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and an active participant in the fabric of Native American politics both at home and across the nation. Tina grew up in Naples, Florida in what would otherwise seem like an everyday American household with her parents and brother. She attended private school, played sports, and readied herself for college like most of her classmates. She earned a B.A. in Political Science from Rollins College and a Masters in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. The one thing that set her apart from the rest was her Native American background and her family's involvement in both the political, social, and economic movements.

As a young girl and woman, Tina travelled the country dancing at Native American pow-wows, participating in national youth councils and making friends and acquaintances along the way. Those connections have carried over throughout her life and added to the richness of and depth of her relationship with native people across the globe.

Tina spent 7 years as her Tribe's historic resources officer and was charged with handling the Chairman's external government relationships. This responsibility put her at the table with America's highest level of office and more than 500 tribal leaders who lead their nations.

Tina&s experience on national boards includes the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association, United South and Eastern Tribes, US Travel Board, Southeast Tourism Society Policy Council, FNX-First Nations Xperience Television Network. Tina is also a lifetime member of the National Congress of American Indians and works closely with both the National Indian Gaming Association and the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development. Tina knows how to navigate the waters of Indian Country at a level uncommon to most. The tribal leaders of Native America call her friend and sister.

Tina's most recent project, Tribal Synergies Group, LLC, brought together a childhood friend, and a local business professional with whom there seemed to be a special bond. The creative synergy has produced new digital platforms, mobile applications, marketing and communication strategies, and a travel show, Native Passage.

Discover the business-building power
of Osceola Group Marketing.

Osceola Group Marketing, a joint venture between Osceola Group and Walz Tetrick Advertising, is a full-service marketing communications agency that helps you succeed by building meaningful emotional connections between your brand and your prospective customers.

We understand the power of long-term customer relationships. And unlike so many niche agencies that promise the best of whatever specialty they happen to focus on, we look at all marketing tools and recommend a combination that makes the most sense for your business.


There are two sides to every purchase.

We believe there's an emotional and rational component to every purchase decision. Sometimes, emotional benefits outweigh rationale obstacles such as cost. Other times, consumers use rational benefits to justify their emotional desires. The key is to understand what makes your audience tick, so we can create a marketing and advertising program that effectively taps into both sides of their decision-making process.

The capabilities you need. The results you expect.

Osceola Group is home to big agency veterans who prefer working directly on your business without unnecessary layers of supervisors and team leaders. So no matter how big or small our clients are, we're exactly the right size. That's why we successfully partner with everything from local startups and regional players to multi-unit franchisers and global corporations. They all get our best work.
  • Strategic Planning

    Whether you're talking about a short-term local promotion or a national campaign, exceptional marketing begins with shrewd strategy. We sort through market conditions, product attributes, consumer trends and competitive pressures to discover the kind of human insights that lead to successful campaigns.
  • Media Planning & Buying

    Media isn't all about saving dollars and cents. It's about reaching consumers in a way that makes sense. Financially and emotionally. Along the way we'll stretch your budget much further than you ever imagined anyone could. But we'll also make sure that the message doesn't just get exposed. We'll make sure the audience becomes engaged.
  • Creative Development

    How will you get noticed in the sea of advertising clutter we're all exposed to every day? And once you are seen, how can you create the long-term relationships that build real customer value? The answer is outstanding, award-winning creative that taps into human emotions and gives your customers permission to trust you. With expertise in TV, print, outdoor, radio, direct mail and interactive, you can count on us to get those relationships started.
  • Social Media

    From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and YouTube, everyone's posting, tweeting and sharing. But what most don't realize is the power of two-way communication. The key isn't what you say to your fans. It's what your fans say to you - And about you. If you have a question about social media, we can give you the answer.
  • Interactive Strategy & Design

    Succeeding in the interactive space requires more than a snazzy website and QR code. Success is about pulling customers and prospects to your site, learning about them when they visit and integrating them into a comprehensive marketing plan. Yeah, we do that. And we make it look snazzy along the way.
  • Value Added Promotions

    Your brand is no longer defined by what you say about yourself. It's defined by the experiences of your customers and prospects. Value added promotions enhance those experiences. They add depth, color, energy and personality to your brand. And the way we do it, they also add hundreds of thousands of dollars in media value.
  • Promotional Merchandise

    Anyone can put a logo on a coffee mug. Or can they? We build loyalty programs and players clubs at a strategic level first to ensure that you're accomplishing what you set out to do. Then, when it's time for advertising premiums and branded promotional merchandise, our experience and attention to detail simply make your job easier.

We specialize in making you look good.

A lot of agencies believe that specializing in just one or two industries is the best way to deliver out-of-the-box thinking. We disagree. At Osceola Group, we think variety isn't just the spice of life, but the fuel of success. By taking everything we know about one industry and applying it to others, we continually infuse fresh thinking into our solutions. And it gives us the broad range of experience to tackle just about any marketing challenge.

Here are just a few or our areas of expertise:

  • B2B
  • Multi-unit retail
  • Casino gaming
  • Resort
  • Sports Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Animal Health
  • Transportation

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